Sangkring Art | FAQ
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Sangkring Art FAQ 

What are the opening hours of the Gallery?

The gallery is open every day of the year except on national holidays. It is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00. It also applies to the other gallery facilities, including cafe and library. entry to the building is free of charge.

Are there charges for exhibitions and events?

Most exhitibtions and events are free. If a fee is charged for an exhibition or event, it will be listed on its page of this website. See Event (link ke rubrik Event)

Are refreshments available in the Gallery? –beverages or cafe

Yes, the gallery provides visitors with light refreshments from the cafe. Food and drink are availabe for purchase at the building. Please be sure to dispose of your garbage responsibly.

Is the Gallery providing guided tours?

We do not accommodate daily guided tour, visitors are welcome to take a look at the artworks. Take your time while you are here, take in one of several art and gallery collections, savour a refreshing beverage at the cafe or stroll through the area.

If it is really necessary, you can directly contact our phone number or e-mail to make an appointment for a guided tour.

How do I make a purchase?

We gladly invite you to come directly to the gallery and purchase from our in-house collection. Visit or contact us to discuss purchasing options of a work you are interested in owning. If shipping is required, it is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange for transport or pick up of the purchased work.

Is the Gallery available for private event rentals?

We host a variety of annual events. Any proposed event must have a direct and demonstrable connection to the mission, purpose and function of the gallery. Every proposal will be examined by our management on September every year.

Can I take photographs or video or film?

Photography and filming for non-commercial purposes are welcomed in the gallery, except if a specific artwork or exhibition has a sign indicating no photography. You need to make a written request if you intend to photograph or film for publication or commercial purposes.