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Patterns of Belonging by Sandy Infield @Sangkring Art Space














Solo visual art exhibition by Sandy Infield to take place in Bali and Java.

Patterns of belonging: homage to Java
Sangkring Art Space (22 May – 6 June 2011)
Opening day (Sunday 22 May 2011) events:
10:00 – 13:00 Artist Workshop Landscape as expression
14:00 – 15:30 Open Discussion Is Contemporary Batik Art or Craft?
19:00 – 21:00 Opening Exhibition hosted by Putu Sutawijaya

Patterns of being: home in Bali

Danu Gallery @ Lakeview (26 May – 18 June 2011)

Penelokan, Kintamani

Patterns of belonging
Identity is present in the threads man weaves into being on nature’s canvas. It is memory, however, that endows magical powers to this union between human endeavour and nature’s forces, giving birth to a longing that binds man not only to place and culture, but also to an ongoing process of identification. The landscapes unique to Java and Bali, of terraced paddy fields hugging the feet of cloud-draped majestic volcanoes, are evoked in batik motifs by Sandy Infield in a tribute that pays homage to the threads that tie the Javanese and Balinese to their identity.

This tribute is an endeavour by the England-born artist to appreciate the meaning in such a belonging, although she does not clearly choose any allegiance to either culture or nature. The batik tradition she admires is her point of departure in appreciating the psychological impact of nature’s patterns that are recorded and continuously re-created in batik. The unique techniques she has developed are her in-kind contribution for her lessons here, for they have opened up new possibilities of imagery and signification to the treasure trove of traditional batik symbolism.

Sandy Infield’s exploration into batik was inspired by aerial views of the Javanese landscape glimpsed before landing at Yogyakarta’s Adisucipto airport in 2009, and her subsequent visits to batik ateliers. For almost three years, these memories have been goading her explorations at her studios in Sanur, Bali, while she mulls over the ideas and feelings that seize her about the identity she and the people around her wear. Whether these multifaceted identities are represented in the textiles of our clothes or the landscapes we shape or choose to call our home, these fragile works of art give insight on how the human psyche reflects its surroundings and projects hopes onto vast skies, the universal canvas of our imagination.
Curated by Kadek Krishna Adidharma

About the artist: A graduate of the Slade, UK, Sandy Infield painted in Italy on Boise scholarship for a year before sharing a London studio with Op artist Bridget Riley. Sandy’s early explorations turned traditional painting styles inside out with portraits of trapeze artists and textile-wrapped actors. After a decade of living in Asia, the artist’s solid grounding in portraiture, landscapes and still life, coupled with her ongoing passion for textiles, has led her to explore identities through batik-scapes.

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