Sangkring Art | Solo Exhibition “Between The Lines” by Noella Roos @SAS
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Solo Exhibition “Between The Lines” by Noella Roos @SAS

Exhibition : Between The Lines
Artist : Noella Roos
Opening : Friday, 14 August 2015, 19.00 hrs
Time : 14 – 31 August 2015


Between The Lines

Between the lines is an exhibition from Dutch artist Noella Roos, who will show 20 large (150 by 180 cm) drawings and two documentary’s about the working process. Noella will show the large size drawings that were made with the dancer as model who dances on live music. In this project Noella Roos is working with two other artist from different backgrounds: Fendy Rizk contrabass player from Java and Ari Rudenko a dancer from USA. Their aim is to bring dance, drawing and music together for the public as one piece of art.  On the opening there will be live music, contrabass player and dance, and live drawing.

Why this exhibitinon called Between The Lines? Noella said : “Between the Lines are drawings, figures made from lines, emotions captured in lines. The drawings are projections from the dancer, the music and me. They are the unspoken words from the artists, who work together.” Between the Lines is an art project about the language that is not written, but just expressed.

‘Between the Lines’ shows how Noella’s express sensuality, life, emotion in between lines in her drawings. Dance, music and drawing are three different lines joining in one work of art. The drawing artist’s can’t make these drawings without having contact with the dancer. It means that they both work until there is contact in the work, without words. This also happens with the music. It is an exchange between three artists. Communicating without words, sharing the same energy. The Balinese have a name for it: Taksu, the energy you have inside to express and feel the art deeper. Not only the movement (steps) of the dancer, but the real meaning of the dance can be felt by three of them and by the public. Noella explain that they are working towards trance in a couple of hours, when this Taksu or inner energy comes free. And they all experience when the ego vanishes and trance takes over, and they  work on the same energy. Out of this comes their best work. “The dancer knows without seeing the drawing what the drawer makes. The dancer feels in his body what the musician is playing. The musician plays what the artist draws.” She continues to explain.

The musician Fendy Rizk also added: “After a four hours session, I draw and dance today. If I play softer you both work softer, if I play louder, you both work more expressive”. Same goes for the dancer –Ari Rudenko-  “We all feel each other’s energy and art. And with this we can make more intense work.”

The work process and conversations have been recorded on video, and will be showing during the exhibition. Drawings, music and dance are only the left over from a shared moment. This exhibition focuses on the interaction and reinforcement of the three media (dance, music, drawings) with a single denominator: joint energy.

This exhibition was before held in Cemara 6 Galeri-Museum in Jakarta. On the opening night the audience were stunned by the performance of Ari Rudenko (dancer) and Fendy Rizk who was playing music that he composed for Between The Lines. And the dancer and musician also influenced by the energy from the audience. Therefore, on the next exhibition at Sangkring Art Space they will showing different happening. Noella Roos, will do live drawing to show the joint energy with the other, Ari and Fendy.

Noella Roos Art Studio
Sanur, 3 August 2015


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