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Sangkring Art Space at Art Stage Jakarta

Established on May 31, 2007, the gallery embrace and invite many art in various spaces. Various art practices are held and displayed, the differences and experiments of creativity are equally high. Stabile with slogan “the old respected, the young appreciated, the fringe is noticed and...

Solo Exhibition Chong Ai Lei : “P!NK” @Sangkring Art Project

  Solo Exhibition Chong Ai Lei "P!NK" Opening : Saturday, September 21 2013  7.30 Pm Exhibition current until : October 9 2013   Escape into the P!NK Chong Ai Lei’s studio-home is littered with a number of her older works. Paintings that she produced fresh out of the DASEIN Academy of Art in...


Oleh : Kriya 2001 (ISI Yogyakarta) Pameran berlangsung : 15 - 24 Mei 2009 Penulis : Sujud Dartanto Pameran di buka oleh : Drs. M. Agus Burhan M,hum Memoar Mainan Dalam perkembangan seni rupa kontemporer dewasa ini memperlihatkan kecenderungan untuk mengolah kembali tema-tema lokal, domestik dan personal. Yaitu, seni rupa...